lover of authenticity and human connection. 

about katie sue

I’m Katie and I’m SO happy you found me! 

Most people know me as CrossFit loving mom of two that loves to take photos… BUT my passion for photography is a much more in depth story.  

As a child, I obsessed over the photos my mom and dad took in 70’s and 80’s with their film camera. I poured over those albums any time I could get my hands on them because they told a story… and while that story didn’t involve me (at least, not until 1987 and beyond) I LOVED the feelings it brought me and it made me FEEL as if I was there too. 

They were moments in time, unscripted and unposed. They were slightly blurry, grainy, and felt warm. I loved everything about it… and it was through this lens I started to envision everything. Like I looked at life through a photograph, slightly romanticized and frozen in time.

This eventually turned into spending every last penny I had on disposable film (hello 90’s and early 2000s!), then your typical point and shoot, and eventually in 2010, I was able to afford my very first DSLR. I remember the exact moment… It made me fall in love with the art all over again and I KNEW I wanted to do so much more. 

I spent a year and a half enrolled in The Art Institute’s online division before my life took a detour (my 1st pregnancy and a job offer in the Healthcare IT field.) 

I never gave up on the dream though and continued to use the following 10 years honing my craft and slowly dipping my toes into the bigger world of photography. 

By 2020, despite the feeling of imposter syndrome (if you know, you know!), I knew I could do this “for real” and finally had the courage to expand outside of my close friends and family. While it’s been whirlwind, I’m SO, so grateful I did. 

That leap of faith brought me here, to meet YOU and capture the moments you can look back on the way I looked at those photos as a child… Let’s make that magic together! 

an inside look

No. 5

to be real, is truly everything


your turn

a few of my 
favorite things

No. 6

favorite movie

Silver Linings Playbook or Good Will Hunting

destination travel


alternate dream job

Mental Health Counselor/ Psychologist

Favorite smell

When the ktichen smells like fresh baked apple pie

second home

Remedy Athletics